!!  WARNING  !! 

About money:

-There is no ATM machine working with VISA or MasterCard on the island !

-Prefer to bring cash in EURO, CFA or USD.
The change rate with EURO is fixed : 24,5 dobras = 1 euro. Most local changers will give 25 dobras for 1 euro.

-USD is accepted only if notes are new, and only 20, 50 and 100 USD (with variable change rate)

-Only few hotels accept credit card and they usually have a preferential service for their clients (and do not always have enough cash).

-It is possible to withdraw cash with credit card at BISTP bank (São Tomé International Bank) but it takes times (and is quite expensive).

-Some local change Agents also offer the possibility to withdraw cash against bank transfer to their account based in Portugal (but this procedure may take one to two days).