Visit the old city and its architecture, the Presidential Palace, the Cathedral and other traditional colonial buildings. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the many coffee shops, or just eat an ice cream at “Sal e Doxi” shop. Visit the colorful local market where Santomenses buy vegetables, all sorts of fruits, fresh fish, octopuss and sea snails (buzio do mar).
Then take a look at some local handcraft. enjoy a swim at Lagarto or Museum beach, and have lunch at the Parque Popular food court, or just a burger in a food truck parked near the National Stadium. Check some of the fancy restaurants that foreigners like. If lucky you may assist to a tchiloli show, join in a Capoiera session, see a whale at the horizon, and attend to one of the many week-end parties either at “O´Pirata Club” or at the “Beach Club”. São Tomé capital is small, but always full of surprises. Just enjoy the “Leve-leve” lifestyle !
National Museum 2 €/ pers Located in former Fort São Sebastião, nice view on the ocean, and interesting collections. A must do !
Chocolate factory 4 €/ pers Visits and tastings every  monday, wednesday and friday at 16h35. Make sure you book in advance !
of Claudio Corallo
Santomense Writer’s Union Free Get access to Santomean writers and poets’ collection of essays and writings, such as Alda de Espiritu Santos, Almada Negreiros…
Historical Archives Free Get access to the National archives, books about the Santomean writers, about  the african “négritude” and more…
LUNCH AND DINNER OPTIONS (selection very uncomplete..)
Parque Popular 4 to 8€ The “food court” of the capital, with a lot of local restaurant. Don’t forget to try the local beer !
Camões 8€ /pers Portuguese and Santomean food, Nice dishes and chocolate mousse. Giant screen to watch football games !
Dona Tete 10€ /pers Enjoy fish and octopuss in the garden of famous lady Dona Tete..
Sabor da Ilha 10€ /pers Located at the entrance of Parque Popular, excellent fish and meat dishes, beers served in ice-cold glasses, in the patio. Good service.
Xico´s Cafe 12€ /pers Portuguese food, burgers, great cold dishes and more…
Pasteleria Central 12€ /pers Well located coffee and pastry shop, Portuguese menu for lunch.
O´Pirata 12€ /pers The best grilled octopuss in the island ! Great starters, terrasse just above the ocean. Excellent service. Best quality/price ratio.
5 sentidos 20€ /pers Experience the wonderful cooking of young Portuguese Chef João !
Places of interest
•          Presidential Palace •          Emilia beach,  Lagarto beach  (near airport)
•          Cathedral of São Tomé •          City beach (near National Museum)
•          São Sebastião Fort •          Trek to Juventud beach
•          Avenida Marginal •          Handcraft stores
•          Capoeira sessions •          Tchiloli exhibitions