Angolares Waterfall


Mountain trail, going through a water tunnel. Among the best waterfall in the Island. A good challenge for yourself !    Duration : 3 to 5 hours Level: moderate
Turtle Museum Discover the life of turtles at the museum run by NGO
Turtle nestling Night activity, look out for adult turtles crawling to the beach to lay their eggs... (Sept. to Feb.)
Hatch release Assist eco-guards releasing new born baby turtles to the ocean.   (November to April)


Discover the life of the ocean: seahorses, octopuss, colorful fishes and more. Wonderful memories guaranteed !
Boat tour & Snorkeling Let’s go to Cabras Island, a wonderful place to snorkel. You can also free dive near a shipwreck or climb to the top of the hill to enjoy the best view of the capital !
Dolphins Watch

Boat Tour

Meet the dolphins residing in the Santomean waters. Film them from under the water and hear them singing. (spotted and common dolphins. All year)
Whales watch

Boat Tour

Meet the humpback whales during the reproduction season.           (late July to early November)


•          Blue Lagoon

•          Conchas beach

•          Micoló fishermen village

•          Morro Peixe fishermen village

•          Governador beach

•          Batepá Monument

•          Anobóm site

•          Tunnel of Santa Catarina

•          Turtle Incubation Centers

•          Roça Bela Vista

•          Roça Agostino Neto

•          Roça Ponta Figo

•          Roça Diogo Vaz

•          Neves city

•          Guadalupe city

•          Santa Catarina city

•          Road to the end of the world

FOOD OPTIONS (average prices not including drinks)


10 €/pers

Local restaurant where you only come for the crabs and the local beer. Great taste ! Average service. (Neves)

12 €/pers

Nice restaurant serving huge crabs, and grilled fish. Nice atmosphere. (Guadalupe)

15 €/pers

Italian restaurant with seaview terrasse,  pizzas on week-end and excellent desserts ! Good service. (Neves)
Celva´s 15 €/pers Portuguese, menus including starters, main dish, dessert and coffee. Nice and relaxing environment. (Guadalupe)