Welcome to our Tours and Activities Portail.

Here you will find more than 20 different activities to engage in São Tomé.

Couple, Families, Group of friends of any age and any physical condition will find interesting activities to do while staying in São Tomé.

Our activities are divided into 2 main categories : One Day Excursions  and   Activities

One Day Excursion : we pick you up at your hotel and take you for a ride !  You have nothing to worry about, everything is included, food, driver, sightseeing and museum tickets... Of course, we invite you to make combos, mixing a Day excursion with an activity (hike, surf, boat tour...). Please visit our Combo Page here.

Activities  are divided in 5 categories :

Water Sports    -     Boat Activities    -    Hike & Treks    -    Sustainable Tourism   -    Community Support

Water Sports are about challenging yourself in a new and fun environment : Surf, Snorkeling, Scuba diving...

Boat Activities are about enjoying the wonderful coast of São Tomé, for big game fishing, snorkeling, sightseeing, and romanticism...

Hike & Treks are for people who like to engage in physical activities in tropical forest and mountain, with often a great reward at the end of the trek (waterfall, panoramic view)..

Sustainable Tourism are all Nature Protection related activities involving methodological support from local NGO (to whom we mostly redistribute part of the benefits) and includes : Whales and Dolphins Watching (boat tour), Seaturtle Nestling (at night) and Seaturtles Hatch Release.

Community Support is just perfect for travelers who want to give some of their time, energy and love to the most disadvantaged people. In this regard, we work with the Santa casa Misericordia Charity Organization. Not only you are travelling, but also you are doing a good deed !


Elder People Support


São Tomé Island Boat Tour

Santana Islet Snorkeling

Rolas Island Excursion

South Gastronomy Excursion

Snorkeling Adventure

Scuba Diving Experience

Surf Adventure

Lagoa Amelia Hike

Angolares Waterfall Hike

São Tomé Peak Trek

City Tour Excursion

Central Road Excursion

South Road Excursion

North Road Excursion

Dolphin Watching

Turtle Nestling

Turtle Hatch Release

Children Education Support

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