General Conditions of Service

Confirmation of Booking

  • We offer Excursions and Activities every day of the year. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee availability for bookings made less than 24 hours before the activity (for technical reasons we cannot yet prevent them on this website). 
  • To ensure full confirmation, you must receive a confirmation message from us.
  • For last-minute bookings, it’s crucial to provide a local phone number or a WhatsApp contact. This allows us to confirm  availability of service and activity details such as pick-up location and time with you.
  • In case you  do not receive a confirmation, kindly reach out to us via the local phone number or WhatsApp.

About the Participants

  • Most Excursions and Activities are based on 2 adults minimum (or 1 adult and 2 children/adolescents)
  • We offer discount for Adolescents and Children (see during check out process). 
  • Children under 7 years old benefit from a symbolic price, which covers expenses like mineral water, snacks, and other small costs, as well as an infant seat (please request in advance).
  • In any case of uncertainty, please note that all excursions prices are based with a minimum of 2 adults and boat tours with a minimum of 3 adults (unless stated otherwise). 
  • If you are a family or a solo traveler, please get in touch with us to inquire about and avail a special discount, which will be provided to you in the form of a coupon.

About the Meals

  • Meals or pic nic lunches are provided on some specific Excursions such as Rolas Island, Coffee Experience, Cocoa Lover,, Wild Pepper Trail, and Wild Honey Track.
  • For other Excursions, you can choose from the restaurant list that we provide during the checkout process.
  • Notice 1: Please make sure to select the right quantity for everyone in your group.
  • Notice 2:  Touristic RESTAURANTS will offer a complimentary meal to the guide if a minimum of 2 meals are ordered. If you are a solo traveler, the restaurant you have selected may request a nominal fee (typically 50% of the meal price).
  • Regardless of the situation, your guide is responsible for your safety and must have time to unwind and enjoy a meal (unless specified otherwise during the booking process).

Adding Activities to an Excursion

  • You can enhance your trip by adding extra activities. They will be suggested during the check out process according to the specific excursion/road that you will select.
  • For example, if you choose the North Road adventure, you can also join the Angolares Waterfall hike or enjoy some snorkeling. You’ll get a discount if you book these together as Combos 
  • Just remember to pick the right quantity for your group during checkout.

Excursion Service Hours

  • Departure is usually between 8:45 and 9:00am from from the hotel (São Tomé city).
  • Return before 17:30 at the hotel (to avoid night driving).
  • Earlier departure can be organized with the approval of the guide or if the activities require it.
  • Service outside regular hours must be requested in advance and may require an extra fee. If happening on the spot, then a reasonable base rate of 8 euros per extra started hour will apply.

Location of Service

  • Our Excursions typically depart from the Capital, São Tomé city.
  • If you prefer to depart and return from a different location, there may be an additional fee based on the specific route.
  • For example, if you’re staying in Santana and choose the East Coast Excursion, there won’t be extra costs because Santana is along the way. However, if you’re in Santana and book the North Road Excursion, an extra fee will apply for the extended service. 
  • You can review the options during the checkout process, or feel free to ask us if you have any uncertainties. In most cases, simply referring to a map will help you easily find out as there are only 3 national roads in São Tomé.

Drop Off After the Excursion

  • You can use the excursion to explore different parts of the island and request that your guide drops you off at your new accommodation in that area.
  • This service usually doesn’t come with an extra cost, as long as the guide can return to the capital before sunset.
  • For example, if you start your excursion in the Capital and, at the end of the Rolas Excursion, you want to stay at accommodation in Porto Alegre, we can accommodate your request at no extra cost.

Boat Tours

  • Early booking ensures availability for the boat tour.
  • Tour schedules might be affected by weather conditions. In case of postponement or cancellation, we guarantee an alternative solution or a refund.
  • For your safety, always heed the captain’s instructions and respect safety protocols.
  • To enhance your experience, it’s advisable to have a light breakfast before the activity and refrain from heavy drinking the night before.
  • During boat tour, stay hydrated by drinking water frequently, wear a hat, and apply sunscreen for sun protection during the tour