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Unlocking the Journey from Cocoa Bean to Delight

Explore a Cocoa Plantation
Embark on a journey to a cocoa plantation and unravel the fascinating transformation processes of cocoa:

Learn about Plantation Organization
Discover how the plantation's organization reflects its Portuguese colonial heritage, adapted to modern practices.

Cultivation Practices
Learn effective cocoa tree cultivation techniques, including pruning to enhance cocoa pod production.

Harvesting and Bean Selection: Master the art of harvesting cocoa pods and distinguishing between good and bad beans.

Witness Fermentation Processes: Observe the meticulous fermentation process in traditional wooden boxes and its critical temperature control.

Discover Drying Methods: Explore various drying techniques, such as solar and indoor methods (subject to availability).

Taste Fresh Cocoa Beans
Indulge in tasting freshly harvested cocoa beans, a unique sensory experience.

Locally Produced Chocolate
If not available onsite, you will get get insights from our guide on where to find and taste locally produced chocolate, completing your cocoa journey.

Practical Information

  • Locations: We operate in three different locations, which vary based on the season and service availability (seasonal changes are due to weather and geographic factors): Santo Amaro, Monte Forte, or Diogo Vaz.
  • Visits: Typically scheduled between 9 am and 11 am, on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • Booking: It's best to book as early as possible to ensure service availability.

Additional Recommendation

Consider adding this visit to the North Road Excursion!

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This activity includes:

  • Visit Fee of the Cocoa transformation Center 
  • Guided visit    (please inform prefered language)
  • Tasting fresh cocoa and dry cocoa beans (upon availability)

This activity does not include:

  • Transportation to local of activity (Pantufo, in the suburb of São Tomé city) 

Taxi service can be selected in the check out process.