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Explore the Rich Heritage and Cultural Landmarks of São Tomé Island !

This excursion offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, providing a comprehensive insight into this remarkable destination.

Start your tour at the National Museum, where you will discover the rich local culture and traditions of São Tomé. The museum showcases life during the colonial plantation era and provides an in-depth look at more recent historical events, including the tragic 1953 massacre and the island's independence in 1975.

Next, visit Independence Square, formerly known as João XX Square, where the independence of São Tomé was officially declared on July 12th, 1975. This historic site is a symbol of the nation's  freedom and progress.

A short walk away is the Cathedral of São Tomé, the first cathedral in Africa. Adorned with traditional azulejos, the cathedral is a stunning example of traditional Portuguese architecture. Climb the bell tower to enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Continue to the Fernão Dias Memorial, a poignant monument dedicated to the martyrs of the 1953 massacres. This site serves as a solemn reminder of the island's turbulent past and the resilience of its people.

If you choose, you can make a short stop at the Blue Lagoon for sightseeing and a refreshing swim in its crystal-clear waters. This optional detour offers a moment of relaxation amidst your cultural exploration.

For lunch, you can either select a place on the spot or pre-reserve with us during the check-out process. 

After lunch, we will head to Anambó, the historic landing site of Portuguese explorers João de Santarém, Pêro Escobar and Fernão do Pó in December 1470. This location marks the beginning of European influence on the island and is a significant historical landmark. Then we will drive by the famous Diogo Vaz plantation, facing the peak of São Tomé.

Conclude your tour by driving along Infinity Road, an exceptionally scenic route offering breathtaking views of the island. Depending on your preference, you can either pass through the Tunnel or visit Santa Catarina before heading back to your hotel.

This excursion provides a well-rounded experience, highlighting the historical, cultural, and natural wonders of São Tomé Island.

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Our Excursions Always include:

  • Local Experienced Guide (please inform us in advance of preferred language)
  • 4x4 tourism vehicle & fuel
  • Mineral Water and local Snacks
  • Napkins & 70% alcohol (for washing hands)
  • All visit fees and small expenses

This Excursion specifically includes:

  • National Museum (entrance ticket)
  • Cathedral (tip to the guard to climb inside the tower)

The following items are not included:

  • Meals (too many options ! please ask your guide)
  • Tips for local guides
  • Other expenses

The excursions are private, and the itineraries are flexible. Don't hesitate to ask your guide!


ABOUT 8:45 - 9:00 AM


Meeting at your hotel or downtown.
Departure time can be earlier if requested
in advance (from the capital), please confirm
meeting place and time during the
booking process.


Discover local culture, traditions, life during the colonial plantation era, and then learn about more recent historical events, such as the 1953 massacre and the Independence in 1975.


Former João XX square where the independence was signed on July 12th, 1975


The first cathedral in Africa, with its traditional azulejos. Climb the bell tower and enjoy the view.


The Memorial monument for the martyrs of the massacres of February 1953.


Optional ! Make a short stop for sightseeing and swimming!


Choose the lunch place on the spot, or pre-reserve with us during the check out process.


Visit the location where Portuguese explorers João de Santarém and Perô Escobar landed for the first time in São Tomé in December 1470.


Drive by the cocoa plantation, where colonial buildings still stand, facing the peak of São Tomé.




Transfer back to your hotel.
Excursions end before sunset
(to avoid night driving).