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The Famous Adventure for the Bold

Embark on a thrilling journey to discover São Tomé from the seaside, offering a unique ocean perspective of the island's most famous spots. Halfway through the tour, we'll stop at Rolas Island for a delicious grilled fish lunch prepared by local fishermen family.

Highlights of the Tour:

  • North Coast:

    • Cabras Island
    • Blue Lagoon
    • Santa Catarina
  • West Coast:

    • São Salvador Waterfall
    • Natural Geysers
    • Beach and Islet of São Miguel
  • South Coast:

    • Rolas Island
    • Ponta Baleia
    • Praia Grande
    • Seven Stones Islet
  • East Coast:

    • Bay of São João das Angolares
    • Santana Islet
  • Encounter with Cetacean species
    • Depending on Season and luck we may meet dolphins, whales and other cetacean species !
  • Fisherman's Grilled Fish Lunch
    • Halfway through the tour, we'll stop at Rolas Island for a delicious grilled fish lunch at Coffee beach

Seasickness Precautions
: Make sure to follow our recommendations to prevent seasickness and ensure a pleasant experience.

Emergency Pick-Up Vehicle

If any passengers need to end the boat tour early, we can send a vehicle to return them by road. The cost varies by location:

  • Santa Catarina, Porto Alegre: 100 euros
  • Neves, São João das Angolares: 65 euros
  • Morro Peixe, Santana: 40 euros

In case of a stoppage due to bad weather, the transportation cost will be reduced by 50%, with our agency covering the remaining 50%.

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This activity includes:

  • Captain, local Guide and assistant
  • Lunch at Rolas Island Coffee beach
  • Mineral Water and Soft drinks (please confirm your preference)
  • Snacks 
  • Life jackets

This activity does not include:

  • Transportation to location of activity (you can select a taxi service in the check-out process)
  • Tips for the Boat crew
  • Other Expenses