Useful links

1. National Television        (online watching) 

2.  National radio Station  (online listening) 

3.  Wikipedia presentation

4.  World factbook presentation

5.  TATO Program             (sea turtles protection)

6.  Hiking website             (in French) 

7.  News Portail Tela Non (in Portuguese) 

8.  News Weekly publication Jornal K   (in Portuguese) 

9. The São Tomé Map Project (University of Illinois)


Downloadable Documents

Official & Institutions
-Government Constitution (in English)
-Government Constitution (in Portuguese)
-WHO Report 2009     (in English)

Nature related
-Orchid guide (in French)
-Bird Checklist (in Latin)
-Marine Biology Expedition Report (in English)

University Publications
-IRD study on environment (in French)
-PERSEE 1963 Article about Sao Tome (in French)

Tourist Map
-2003 Tourist map (printable)

Magazine Articles
-French Magazine Jeune Afrique articles (in French)

Investment related
-World Tourism Council Report 2015
-Conference STeP-IN London Report 2015
-African Economic Outlook Report 2016



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