A) Location : all car are rented in São Tomé Island only.

B) Pick up & drop off :

1. Pick up and drop off are free of charge within the capital city of São Tomé.
2. A charge of 10 euro is applied for each  pick up and drop off outside city and in Agua Grande District.
3. Airport pick up and drop off  are charged 10 euro each (as in Article B.2).
4. For pick up and drop off between 10pm and 7 am, there is a 15 € extra fee (cumulative with B.2 and B.3 articles).

C) Booking : in order to guarantee the availability of the selected vehicle, we recommend to book in advance your vehicle. We will then confirm vehicle availability (either by email or by phone messaging).

D) Pre-Payment : we request a 50% pre-booking payment via Paypal transfer or Credit-card online payment. If you are already in São Tomé at the moment of the booking, pre-booking payment can me made by cash.

E) Total Payment: the total amount of the remaining payment shall be issued on the day of pick up. For this reason we do not ask for a deposit.

F) Availability : In case a « booked in advance » vehicle is not anymore available, we will inform you as soon as possible, and replace it by a vehicle of the same category, offer a replacement solution, or give you a free or discounted upgrade.

G) Insurance : all cars are insured minimum at 3rd party, and more often full risk coverage with a franchise (150 Euros).

H) About prices : For the same categories of cars (small, medium, big), prices vary depending on the model, the year of release, the general condition and the insurance policy.

I) About car rental market in São Tomé : there are many offers available in São Tomé. In these offers you should consider the following aspects : year of release, general maintenance, insurance, and technical assistance.

J) About catalog pictures : please note that they are not contractual. We will update the pictures whenever possible.

K) Our obligations : we deliver the car at the time required. We provide quick replacement solution and technical support in case car has an issue. In case of flat tire, you have all equipment and replacement tire at disposal in the car. You should change the tire, and inform us as early as possible. In case of other technical issue, please contact us and we will send a technician. Do not engage in reparation yourself, as the extra fee would not be covered. All cars are insured, and have A/C ;

L) Clients obligation :

1. Provide a valid Driver´s license.
2. Drive safely, be respectful of local laws, always keep calm with polite manners.
3. Take good care of the vehicle, drive slowly on dirt roads.
4. In order to compensate tiredness, the driver shall take a break every hour and drink water.
5. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
6. Do not engage in dangerous or irresponsible behavior.
7. In case these rules are not respected, we  shall not be held responsible for any damage caused under these circumstances.

M) Currency : price are in Euro, change rate is 1 EUR = 25 STD (santomean dobras)

For any question about your reservation or you fore-coming trip to São Tomé, you can use the contact form or send us an email.