Discover São Tomé : Unforgettable Excursions

Our Excursions

Our best sellers:

  1. North Road
  2. East Coast
  3. Center Road
  4. Rolas Island
  5. Capital Discovery
  6. Southern Beaches

Our thematic excursions:

  1. Chocolate Lover
  2. Coffee Experience
  3. Gastronomy Road
  4. The Roças´ Road
  5. Historical Road

By Boat:

  1. Rolas Island Full Day
  2. Roça São Miguel
  3. Ocean Full Day

Off the Beaten Track:

  1. Wild Pepper Trail
  2. Wild Honey Track

Notice:  You will find an overview of the General conditions at the bottom of this page.

Best Seller Excursions


Thematic Excursions


By Boat

São Tomé south coast view of rolas island

Off the Beaten Track

Information about the Excursions


  • Most Excursions and Activities are based on 2 adults minimum (or 1 adult and 2 children/adolescents)
  • Most Boat Tours are based on 3 adults.
  • We offer discount for Adolescents and Children (see during check out process). 
  • Children under 6 years old benefit from a symbolic price. For infant seat, please request in advance.
  • Backpackers, Single Travelers, Groups and Families who want to benefit from a special price are very welcome to contact us.

Excursion Service Hours

  • Departure is usually between 8:45 and 9:00am from from the hotel (São Tomé city)..
  • Return before 17:30 or sunset at the hotel (to avoid night driving).


  • Most touristic RESTAURANTS will offer the meal to the guides at no extra cost.
  • For single traveler, a symbolic fee may be charged for the meal of the guide, or 50% of its cost.
  • We offer the possibility to book RESTAURANTS in advance (see during the check out process)

Location of Service

  • Our Excursions typically depart from the Capital, São Tomé city.
  • We offer taxi Services for most Activities inside and outside the Capital (see during check-out)
  • We offer drop-off option to another location at no extra cost, as long as it is on the selected itinerary.

Excursions Combos

  • You can enhance your trip by adding extra activities.
  • They benefit from a 20% discount and will be suggested during the check out process. Each route offers different options.