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There are some important Service Conditions and Price Updates ; please contact us by email ( or WhatsApp (+2399981234) before making any reservation.

The website you are visiting now dates from 2018 and does not reflect today´s situation. Some prices have been lowered, some other have been standardized. Also need to reflect the recent worldwide inflation and the implementation of VAT in São Tomé in 2023.

As a general rule please note that:
-All daily Excursions require a minimum of 2 participants, base price per person is 70 euros.

-All Wildlife observation and Water sports require a minimum of 2 participants, base price vary from 25 euros to 45 euros per person.
-Al- Hikes and Treks require a minimum of 2 participants, base price vary from 25 euros to 45 euros per person, according to the length and difficulty of the hike.
-All Boat Tours (including dolphins) require a minimum of 3 participants, base price per person vary from 35 euros to 50 euros

We invite to get an insight of the new design the the following See All Excursions page 2024

More great things to come for Year 2024 ! (please disregard the technical issues being currently dealt with)

Thank you for your consideration, and looking forward to meeting you soon !

The Paradise Team


Welcome to São Tomé Paradise Tours !

São Tomé is a wonderful island located in the gulf of Guinea, in the warm waters of Central Africa, few hundred kilometers away from the coast of Gabon.

In this remote island you will find yourself isolated from the noise of so-called « modern world ». Paradise beaches, subtropical forest trails, friendly people, a rich cultural heritage, with the traditional farm system (the roças, to be pronounced «  raw sa »), and an unexpected tasteful gastronomy.

At the time of the colonies, São Tomé was a famous exporter of cocoa and coffee beans. Since its independence in 1976, São Tomé is one of the smallest Republic in the world.

Here you will enjoy everything  Mother Nature has best to offer for mankind :

-Relaxing  beaches and landscapes

-Amazing and simple gastronomy

-Natural friendliness of people


Besides theses trivial elements, you will be surprised that SãoTomé is also :

-Fresh and mild weather due to sea breeze (sleep like a baby)

-The lowest crime rate in Africa (you can walk at night)

-Malaria free country (nearly eradicated due to cooperation)


 If you enjoy food and alcohol in general, here you will taste :

-Local traditional dishes : calulu, guizado, feijoada, caldeirada....

-Organic coffee &  chocolate

-Giant crabs, octopus & fishes

-National beer  & Portuguese wine


If you like beach and water activities, you will enjoy SãoTomé´s coast for :

-Swimming & sunbathing

-Snorkeling & discovering the life under water

-Scuba diving & first time experience

-Body board & Surf sessions

-Boat tours, pic-nic, island discoveries


If you like nature activities, you will enjoy SãoTomé´s mountain forest for : 

-Bird watching activities

-Endemic flowers and curative plants

-Waterfall and beach hikes

-Sporting treks


If you like to support sustainable development, you can join in activities runned jointly with local NGOs such as:

-Dolphins watching (All year long)

-Whales watching (August to October)

-Sea turtle nestling (September to March)

-Sea turtles hatch release (November to May)


If you like to bring some of your generosity and warmth to local people, you can participate in the activities that we operate jointly with local Charity organization :

-Youth empowerment & education

-Elder support, assistance and cultural activities

-Capoeira Sessions


Besides advises on accommodations, car rental and general advises about the organization of your trip, we also offer :

-Airport pick up and drop off
-Local guide and driver services
-All inclusive « one day excursions » to discover the island.
-We also invite you to check out our VACATION PACKAGES, all included, for which you can just let yourself go off any trouble, and just enjoy your vacations..

If you would like to organize a tailor tour, a group tour, or if you have any question, please contact us. We are also opened to abroad partnership, feel free to contact us.

Wishing you to enjoy your visit on our website, we are very excited to meet you soon !

The São Tomé Paradise Tours team

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