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Whales Watching

Embark on a journey to approach humback whales and pilot whales migrating and reproducing in the waters of São Tomé.

Watch them from above of from inside the water, and hear them singing !

We provide snorkeling equipment, so you can enjoy watching and hearing the dolphins directly from under the water; if we have enough time, we may also stop by Cabras Island or Blue Lagoon and enjoy swimming and snorkeling..

SEASON : August to October

DURATION: 3 hours

DEPARTURE: Morro Peixe

PRICE : 180 € (1 to 4 pers.) and 35 €/extra pers. up to 10 pers. – 25 €/ children (6 to 14 y.o)


  1. Booking : In order to ensure availability of the boat and crew, we invite you to book your tour as early as possible. A 50% deposit is requested to confirm the booking.
  2. Safety first : during the tour, the captain may decide any modification of itinerary, depending on weather changes and general safety conditions. Children are under their parents´supervision.
  3. Weather conditions : in case the weather does not permit to take the tour, we will postpone to the following available date. If not possible, then you will reimbursed 100% of your deposit.
  4.  Bring water, fruits, and snacks in order to keep hydrated and with a high rate of energy.


  • 1) Passengers must always listen to the captain.
  • 2) Before boarding, please inform the crew about your swimming ability and health condition.
  • 3) Bring your hat, sunglasses, a light raincoat, towel, and swimsuit…
  • 5) While on board : drink water regularly and use sunscreen.
  • 6) If you are sensitive to seasickness, avoid  fat food in the prior hours.

Nota: Does not include transport to departure port : Morro Peixe.
Ask us if you need a taxi, or check our rental car page.


, Other location
2,5 to 3 hours

per adult

Sold Out

Exceed Persons

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